Friday, October 30, 2020


Bali is known as one of the most amazing and the coolest places which you can visit. The cool spot is hub for all the fun activities which you want to do in the island. The place offers you with so much of greenery and you feel the close contact with nature, which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, some of the best underwater life, if you want to see can be seen here and all that close to you. Bali is surely a place where you can feel that is not a place less than magic. There is always something coming up and taking your way to make amazed.

Located in the village of Denpasar in southeast Bali, Sanur beach is famous for the older visitors and it has also got its name as snor beach.” That’s a bit of a misnomer, however, as there is plenty to see and do at this beach resort. There are so many things which you can get to see on this island not just the beach hotel and there is so much of art work which depicts the culture of bali and this is the place which you should must visit once.

Part of Bali Province, Nusa Lembongan is a small island located off the southeastern shores of Bali’s mainland. So small that visitors can tour the entire island on foot in three or four hours, Nusa Lembongan is a popular day-trip destination. The island’s beaches attract the most visitors. Mushroom beach is named after the coral offshore like shaped, which is near the Jungutbatu features powder-soft white sand and clear turquoise waters. Many areas around Nusa Lembongan are good for surfing and diving as the place is filled with clear blue water and makes it an amazing place to come and chill with your family and friends.

The largest resort area on the north coast of Bali, Lovina is best known for the black volcanic sand of its 5-mile beach. There are several villages and passing through that you can have the time to do dome of the fun activities like scuba diving. The calm and the perfect sight for the resort is something that you don’t want to miss and this place has got some of the amazing view and you can relax and enjoy the time of your lives.