Friday, May 1, 2020


Pondicherry is known as the French capital of India and is a hub for fun things to do. The city is calm and that is why it attracts a lot of people from around the world. Known as the French capital of India, people are much coming to witness and know about the things and the places which are present over here. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find the variety of experiences you can have matter if you come with your family or friends or alone, the place will never disappoint you ! Promenade Beach, The tiny coastal city boasts of some beautiful and untouched beaches. Additionally, the city has many beachside promenades.
 All this adds up to some wonderful locations to observe some of the most amazing sunrises in the country. So wake up early morning or stay up all night long. Do not miss out to watch the sunrise and the sunset over the bay of Bengal which is the view for which people come here. Paradise Beach Island, The popular venue offers spectacular boating facilities in Chunnambar River, with the lush green plantations and backwaters in the backdrop. Located along the Cuddalore Main Road, this is an amazing location for relaxing and chilling out. One can also sunbathe here and enjoy magnificent views of the sunset. The boats are the one source which takes people to the Island which are must visit, also known as Plage Paradiso.
Temple Adventures Centre, Scuba diving is one of the most enthralling and fun things to do in Pondicherry. In fact Pondicheery is the only diving coast which you can find in eastern part of India. The place is characterized by natural coral reefs, rocky pop-ups, man-made folds, and a plethora of marine organisms. The marine life here includes of so many different sea creatures, corals and many other unknown things which you have never heard about. Paradise Beach And Karaikal Beach, The quaint town of Pondicherry does not disappoint adventure freaks.

Paradise Beach and Karaikal Beach are the two famous beaches here, and you can enjoy with doing so many fun activities here. Boating, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, backwater sailing, and overnight camping along the beach are among the most adventurous activities to do in Pondicherry. Boating in Pondicherry is one of the famous activities which people come to do.